Work of an amateur…

Makings of a Joint (Love Poem to Spike Lee Movies)

Peace Yawl,

Chileeeeeeeeeeeee it’s these

Brooklyn streets and brownstones

Air Jordan’s stompin’ in the bodega’s,

Like the sounds of that step show

Long as the jazz solo’s cutting through the

Cig’s smokin’ the room, a brighter day

the fire hydrant fountains and

aunties in the windows

wino’s speaking facts

Black Fists and the mother land

On every thang. Roll calls

Of black creatives

Deaths. With. Depth.

Those Are My Joints.


They had me at,

Please baby, please baby

Please baby baby please

D motherfucker, D. Learn to Speak English First.

My People My people

What Can I Say, Say what Can I?

Have you lost your natural mind

As well as your soul?

I may have been born yesterday,

but I stayed up all night.

I ain’t no puta, I keep my panty clean

Cause mo’ betta makes it mo betta

We didn’t land on Plymouth rock

Plymouth Rock landed on us…

Wakeeee Upppp!



So up close and personal,

Low to the ground

Dolly shottin up the block,

Parallelism, is umm

Giving me French new wave

Making it new, spinning the camera

Spinning the room, dizzy thoughts

swarming the screen.


Issa Culture for the culture

Fight the power, Harlem Blues

I’m building me a home,

Tapping my shoe

to the Excuse me please

your majesty I chance this

moment nervously……

Lift every voice and sing

Ooh child things are gonna be easier

Someday we’ll all be free

Straight and nappy, talkin’

Bout good and bad hair

Doin’ da butt…. Oh yeah?


Bustin’ down the fourth wall,

Please Wake Up

Racial slurs staring the camera down

Hitting everybody’s body

Colorful, color full of every

Brown shade, and skin black

as sharps and flats

Some white, and shirts bright

For our focus, are you down for that?


Denzel, Sam Jack, Giancarlo, Bill Nunn

Ossie and Ruby, Roger, Eric, Joie Lee. The regulars,

Who made them regular,

Raheimin’ the radio,

Tina dancing my passion,

Mookie, Bleek and the magic lips

Nola ain’t she darlin.

Shadow, troy, Half-pint, Dap, Gator and Flipper.

Sal and Da mayor, Mother Sister

Mars Blackmon, Mister Señor Love Daddy

And that’s the truth Ruth.

Thank you, for all your blessings.

Inspiring a generation for generations,

With the joints I can feel in my joints

Making me need a joint.



Image result for water and black woman



Hydration, the water that makes me feel brand new.

Keeps me functioning normally.

Can’t go without the nectar that makes my surface clear.


Balance, it reaches every part of me.

A burst of energy whenever it kisses my mouth.

Without I’d be no good to anyone. I’d be

absent from everything around me.

 You, take away my headaches.

Everything toxic is now gone,

Because of you and what you do for me.

I appreciate everything about you, and

You take care of me.